Our Sale Tax $$DOLLAR$$ are not Welcome

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

This week’s council meeting does not have anything about the GHS property on the agenda but those interested in how our city will be spending money this year may like to attend.

Will there be any funding for parks and open space?

It will be interesting to see if the council provides funding for new police officers and the after-school programs, etc. Our police force is down in numbers. According to the city council having a Walmart is so beneficial to the poor refugees in our city. If they are so concerned with our poor residents then they will fund our after-school programs, our police department, and other programs that benefit the youth of our city. These are important expenditures.

So far the new council has shown a huge disregard for the residents. Let’s hope they get it together and look towards the future and what can be done to make this a vibrant, healthy, desirable place to live.

Here is the agenda:

Unfinished Council Business – Debbie Snow
1. Review of Council Rules and Procedures
New Council Business – Kyle Kershaw
1. Presentation of Tentative Budget for Fiscal Year 2016/2017
a. Acceptance by Council of Each Fund of Tentative
Budget for Fiscal Year 2016/2017
b. Set Public Hearing Date to Receive Public Comment
on Proposed 2016/2017 City Budget

Wed 25 April @ 7:00pm

Tammi Diaz

It would of been real nice to have WalMart so South Salt Lake City would have another Grocery Store.  It would of been Beneficial to South Salt Lake has a whole. Reams is too Expensive so Majority Residents go to Salt Lake City, Murray or else where to shop    which Pay others city Bills. Our Sale Tax $$DOLLARS$$ are not Welcome in South Salt Lake City.  The city has more Parks and Open Space then has to go Shopping. South Salt Lake City already has alot of after-school programs. I agree South Salt Lake City needs more Police Officers with it being the most Dangerous city in the State of Utah.


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