From Make it a Park Stop the Lying

Here’s a news article from the Tribune. The city council(Debbie, Shane, Kevin, and Ben) fired our city attorney because they did not like what he was telling them based on the laws that govern.

The city council refused to hire another police officer because the city is so broke. Interesting how they are happy to spend our money to hire an attorney that will tell them what they want to hear. The city already has two attorneys on staff.…/council-mayor-rift-prompts-search-f…

  • Rift between mayor, South Salt Lake City Council prompts search for new attorney
  • Rift between mayor, South Salt Lake City Council prompts search for new attorney
  • See more at SLTRIB.COM
Andrew Olen Christiansen You liar! They did not fire the attorney. They are hiring their own! Get your facts straight!

Christopher Rapp
Christopher Rapp You see, there is this thing in our cities toxic government called “political bias.” Which this page is obviously not a participant of at all. You are not biased towards the mayor in any manner. I hope you realize the reason another attorney is being looked at for the city council, is because the mayor’s “lap-dog” attorney was no longer acting to the interests of the city as a whole. Instead, acting as the mayors tool.

So before blasting your misinformed nonsense, perhaps educate yourself on legislative bodies checking the power of the executive monarch Cherie Wood. The city council is representative of the districts, and they would like an attorney to serve their interests, not the mayors.

Tammi Diaz

Mayor Cherie Wood Stop the Lying!! Thank You Kevin, Debbie, Ben and Shane for Budgeting for City Council to Hire there own Attorney.


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