Mayor Cherie Wood Budget FREE MONEY

Capital Improvements.

The mayors capital improvement budget has a decrease of approximately half from last year’s. The 2015/2016 budget had over 6 million dollars in capital projects, but this year’s is under 3 million. I understand we have a tight year, but I do not like the fact we are spending 70,000 on an Arts Council, 52,000 for the Chamber of Commerce, a 3% raise for the mayor and (I believe) the council. when we have cut our curb, gutter, sidewalks, streets and street lighting and facilities by half. I am ok with the 1% cost of living raise to employees and a step increase, but believe we need to be addressing more capital improvements than we are. I have not yet brought it up, but I would like to see increased street lighting in some of our darker streets. I think this is a more important priority than some other items currently in the mayors recommendations.

ZAP Grant

FYI…Recently, SSL applied for ZAP funds to renovate the Old Scott School on 3300 South and 500 East. It was a once every 10 year process and would have allowed for a substantial improvement. The County denied this grant.


Tammi Diaz

WHAT giving $70,000 to the Art Council Free Money to the Wind, then WHAT giving away $52,000 for the Chamber of Commerce there no Places to go Shopping a Majority of the Residents have to leave the City to go Grocery Shopping, Reams is a Dump. Now the Mayor Cherie Wood that receive a $6000 Pay Raise and a New Vehicle last year is getting 3%. Mayor Cherie Wood has Decrease Capital Improvement it no Wonder South Salt Lake City is the most Dangerous City the State of Utah.  


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