Mayor Cherie I was looking the City Web Site

What is going on Mayor you hire Annette Evans has Director of Urban Livability is not suppose to be working for city. On January 27,2016 you put Annette Evans Director of Urban Livability name before the City Council, Pender Nay, Rapp Nay, Siwik Nay, Snow Nay, Beverly Aye, Mila Aye and Kindred Aye in the Council minutes and Council Actions the City Council did not approve of you hiring Annette Evans. I was mad about this I call my City Council Person Kevin Rapp told me that you hire her gave and a New Vehicle that can take home. Mayor Cherie Wood all you want is POWER, you could care less about the Problems in South Salt Lake City and the City Most DANGEROUS City in the State of Utah.


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