Sunday August 14,2016 is Change Day at Utah Transit Authority its no big deal UTA is not out to provide Public Transit, UTA is a EVIL EMPIRE, At Taxpayer Expense, “Just Follow the $$MONEY$$”. Jerry Benson acting CEO, other UTA Executives and UTA Board of Trustees. UTA Destroyed the Bus System. On Monday August 1,2016 I got on Paratransit to go to the Dentist I get told I am not Pre-Paid for Medical Appointment was lucky I had a punch card in the house or it would been a no show. Then on Tuesday evening I was talking to a person that works state and just happens to approves payments to UTA, for me so I can take Paratransit. She told that I am State Funded so I go to Doctor, Shopping etc I am Pre-Paid, UTA Charge me $4.00 each Trip a Total of $32.00 then UTA now can Charge the State of Utah $4.60 Each Way for a Total of $36.80, for Grand Total $68.00. The State of Utah even be Paying for my Paratransit if UTA would taken my Bus Route away, I would be on the Regular Bus Majority of the time, and taking Paratransit on a limit Bases. UTA is a EVIL EMPIRE at TAXPAYERS EXPENSE, “Just FOLLOW the $$MONEY$$”.



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