It no Wonder Mayor Cherie Wood Veto (Andi) Nepotism Ordinance.

Mayor Cherie Wood as Three Family Members working in South Salt Lake City.

UPDATE MONDAY; Today, Mayor Wood has vetoed the ordinance we passed Wednesday night prohibiting hiring of family members of elected officials. Since becoming mayor, multiple members of her family have been hired by the city. In part her reasons were that we, as a council, did not explain why family relationships are different from community relationships; and that ordinance assumes that one kind of relationship, the familial relationship, is unacceptable in the workplace.

Below is the original post:

This is a link to the Council Meeting of Wednesday 10-12-16. There were a few issues before us and I want to explain a couple.

The municipal ethics commission ordinance:

If the mayor or councilmembers are accused of a violation of state law by using their position for personal gain, the state has a system to deal with hearing those complaints. A few years ago, the legislature gave cities the ability to create their own ethics commission to hear the matter locally. About the same time, South Salt Lake created it’s own commission. The commission consists of a single individual. The problem is that, as Ben Pender points out in the video, the Mayor gets to appoint, and the council confirm, the very person who would do the investigation of the mayor and council. We felt there was not enough distance between the elected officials and the person who would do the investigating. So this ordinance was repealed 7-0. This discussion is at minute 127:00 on a computer or may be at 87:00 on mobile devices.

(Anti) Nepotism Ordinance:

Because of Mayor Wood having family members hired by the city since her taking office, the council had an ordinance drafted to forbid future employment of family members of elected officials, appointed employees and those serving on commissions. It does not forbid employment of two members of the same family within the city if the employees are not related to the elected, appointed or commission employees. It also does not effect the current employees who are related. However, any current nepotistic relationships of any employees is to be disclosed in writing within 30 days of passage of the ordinance or of future hiring. At 147:30 on computer and may be at 107:30 on mobile devices.

10-12-16 Regular Council Meeting

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