Jerry Benson CEO of UTA WAKE UP

   With the way the Driver Treated this Morning Drilling me about UTA it was not his False he was ask to do it. Jerry Benson CEO of UTA you just out too Blame me for Speaking the Truth about UTA. I am a Disabled Person with a Traumatic Brain Injury. UTA has the Best Rail System the Country with a very Poor Bus System. The Destruction of the Bus System started back in August 2007. Many Individual’s Lost Jobs and their Independence. This not just about 203 that was cancel in 2011 it is about the Bus Routes Cancel since 2007 I will not Stop Speaking Up ontil all Bus Routes are Restored. Taxpayers Pay 75% of the Fares for Paratransit it is to Expensive for the Disabled and Elderly at $4.00 Each Way, Taxpayers Pay $4.60 Each Way. UTA could Reduce the need for Paratransit if they had a Good Bus System.  I am one of Hundreds of Individual’s that Taxpayers are Paying for but if UTA had Good Bus System I would need Partransit once or Twice a Month. I am working really hard on becoming Self-Reliance by Going into my own Business but I can’t afford Paratransit meet my needs on my own it would Cost alot more than a then FrontRunner Pass.



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