Sunday August 14,2016 is Change Day at Utah Transit Authority its no big deal UTA is not out to provide Public Transit, UTA is a EVIL EMPIRE, At Taxpayer Expense, “Just Follow the $$MONEY$$”. Jerry Benson acting CEO, other UTA Executives and UTA Board of Trustees. UTA Destroyed the Bus System. On Monday August 1,2016 I got on Paratransit to go to the Dentist I get told I am not Pre-Paid for Medical Appointment was lucky I had a punch card in the house or it would been a no show. Then on Tuesday evening I was talking to a person that works state and just happens to approves payments to UTA, for me so I can take Paratransit. She told that I am State Funded so I go to Doctor, Shopping etc I am Pre-Paid, UTA Charge me $4.00 each Trip a Total of $32.00 then UTA now can Charge the State of Utah $4.60 Each Way for a Total of $36.80, for Grand Total $68.00. The State of Utah even be Paying for my Paratransit if UTA would taken my Bus Route away, I would be on the Regular Bus Majority of the time, and taking Paratransit on a limit Bases. UTA is a EVIL EMPIRE at TAXPAYERS EXPENSE, “Just FOLLOW the $$MONEY$$”.



UTA is not out to Service

Also note that Burton got emotional when he said/implied that his time at UTA may be short after he met with the Governor after the Committee hearing.

I agree with Bishop Burton that Jerry Benson is a great manager.  The Board of Trustees are good and decent people but I disagree with their priorities.

The Board is doing what the municipalities are asking them to do, projects.

The Leg. Audit recommended that no new projects be started until full funding is found.  It also recommended priority be given to restoring a robust bus service.

The airport TRAX reconfiguration was planned before completion of Airport TRAX but it was expected to only cost $5-10 million.  The fancy flying bridge increased the cost to over $65 million.  For yeas the SLC Airport has said that Title 72-10-215 prevented them from using airport passenger fees for the project.  FAA has, since at least 2009 allowed use for mass transit airport projects except for the rail itself ($5-10 million). FAA has indicated that rails could be allowed with a rule change by the end of the year.  Using UTA taxpayer funds for the project takes potential funding from service expansion.  The Legislature should change Title 72-10-215 to allow airport passenger fees to be used for transit projects.

UTA has never successfully operated a BRT and the UDOT portions should be used for traffic improvements in Lehi.  The Provo BRT does not make sense.  The service provided with $190 million can be similarly provided by a $19 million enhanced bus.

TOD system UTA uses gives up to $10 million in lands to a firm in return for a 5% piece of the project.  But there is no way to ensure that the private firm uses the value efficiently.  There is no guarantee of any profit.  Other cities lease their transit properties which encourage developers to build beautiful and successful projects since they have to pay a lease.

I disagree about needing a new bus garage.

UTA debt service interest rate will increase from $11 million a year to $57 million a year in 2021.  Another problem is pensions will not be fully funded until 2033.

According to the WFRC Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), UTA will manage 40% of Utah transportation funding.  The $11 billion of unfunded projects in the Utah Transportation Plan (from RTP) are mostly UTA questionable projects. Instead of a $190 million BRT, a proof of concept that costs less than $10 million should be considered that provides the same service.

Service reliability is important but UTA has helped provide real time bus and train locations and time to station/stop to app developers and they provide a comfortable semblance of reliabilty.

I recommend the WFRC RTP data which is a testament to Andrew Gruber’s engineers.  The data is extensive and even goes into the carbon footprint of modes of travel. I disagree with the WFRC list of transit projects, including the high speed rail station at the airport.  I also do not think that UTA should get 40% of Utah transportation funds.  UTA should be spending a greater percentage than 6% on new service and a lot less than 40% on projects.

This is so not True in South Salt Lake City

From Make it a Park:

I feel it is important to repost this image.

Make It a Park's photo.

Tammi Diaz

This is so not in South Salt Lake City. It is There is No Real Free Speech in South Salt Lake, I and many other Citizens have been Block from a lot of facebook pages if we say anything that the Mayor does Approve of Citizen are Blocked. Mayor Cherie Wood does not Believe in Free Speech. Why did Make it a Park Post How to Build Community?

Mayor Cherie Wood Stop the LYING

Dear South Salt Lake Friends and Residents,

I was elected as your Mayor with a vision for a “Safe, Clean, and Beautiful” South Salt Lake. City staff and dozens of community partners have tirelessly dedicated themselves to the accomplishment of this vision, and our city has prospered and progressed.

Since becoming your Mayor, without raising taxes, I created the Urban Livability Dept., which brings together resources to clean up and beautify our city. Included in this department is Community Connection, which has brought together thousands of volunteers each year, and notable organizations such as the United Way, Comcast, Larry H. Miller Group, and American Express, to serve our residents and help revitalize our neighborhoods. Since the program began in 2011, Community Connection has completed over 250 housing projects for residents in need and 45 projects at parks and community facilities. This work has been leveraged by the labor of 6,930 volunteers contributing over 41,000 volunteer hours, valued at $800,000. This program has become a nationwide model and brings leaders of cities throughout the country to SSL to learn about what we have done. Also included is the Environmental Crimes Task Force, which has developed a relationship with the County and others to identify and prosecute those whose actions harm our environment and waterways. We have also strengthened graffiti removal by utilizing a half-time employee to remove graffiti from public spaces.

In April, I presented the city council with a balanced budget proposal that closes the 2016 gap in sales tax revenue, which occurred as a result of the state legislature’s reallocation of sales tax.

At the City Council meeting on June 15th, the council majority proposed to add $1.7 million in unplanned capital improvement projects. With a 48 hour notice, I was forced to propose an 18% cut in the city’s general fund budget to accommodate the council hiring their own separate attorney, and to fund their special projects. The council has not sought other means of funding for their projects, such as seeking available grants or partnerships, nor have they followed a traditional master plan process.

The City Council’s budget cuts will reduce resident services by:
· Dissolving the City’s Urban Livability Department and reducing Code Enforcement and graffiti removal, eliminating abandoned property abatement, and inhibiting the Environmental Crimes Task Force
· Elimination of 5 specialized on-call Fire Battalion Chief vehicles, thus increasing response times for emergency calls
· Elimination of the On The Move City Newsletter
· Calling for an RFQ to contract out ambulance services (potentially creating a reduction of 12 firefighters and a shortfall of $900,000 to replace them)
· Calling for an RFQ to contract out animal services
If services on the above list are important to you, speak up now!
There are 2 things you can do:
1) Send an email to your council representative. The council webpage, that will take you to an email link is:
2) Attend the two remaining Special Council Meetings dedicated to budget decisions:

Tuesday, June 21st at 7 PM and Wednesday, June 22nd at 6 PM
Because they are special meetings, there will be no public comment period. The power of the numbers of people and media representatives in the audience may discourage Council members from acting upon their own agendas.
I believe that together, we can make known the priorities and bring a positive resolution to the budget situation. It is a privilege to serve as your mayor.

Best regards,
Mayor Cherie Wood
The June 15th Council meeting can be viewed at:

Tammi Diaz

Mayor Wood its your Agenda!


All Mayor Cherie Wood wants is POWER

Watching the latest city council mtg on live stream. Budget season=headaches! So watch our wonderful Mayor refuse to compromise on ANYTHING that the city council proposes in a shortfall budget year so she can maintain her bloated administrative budget that grows by $400,000 EVERY year and then blame the city council when the public gets angry about the money she keeps spending. So ironic!! So the public will once again not get lighting for our dark crime ridden streets so her and her administration can continue to make triple figure salaries in the poorest city in Utah!!!

Tammi Diaz

Mayor Cherie Wood does not Care that South Salt Lake City is the most Dangerous City in the State of Utah. Mayor Wood what Services are you talking City about, South Salt Lake City has a lot less Services since you took Office, costing Taxpayers more. There is really no place to go Grocery shopping (Reams is a Dump) Thousands of Sale Tax Dollars are going else where.

Mayor Cherie Wood has no Respect for the City Council or the Citizens

Seems the mayor is defending her stance…well here is mine.

Yes we are proposing cutting some services, primarily 4

Take home vehicles for some of the city employees

Code enforcement from 393,000 to 300,000, which would keep them inline with animal services budget.

To change the city newsletter from our own to contracting with the
valley journal saving 40,000

And cutting the mayors administrative budget from 1.9 m to 1.6 m. This is still a higher level than when she took office. This is by far the biggest cut in the budget. Some of us feel her administration is top heavy. As an example, we have a landscape architect making 110, 000 a year and benefits making her at about 150. The mayor also employs her own sister in law to work directly in her office at a salary of about 42,000. Her title is “special projects”. She was asked what this means.

You can see this dialogue about her staff online from the video of
the meeting last week on the city web site. Also, I would encourage
you to watch tonight and tomorrow on line as well or come.

We are not cutting police. We are not cutting fire. We are not cutting animal services. We did however move them. Animal services is to be moved to police and code enforcement to economic development. So it can be argued we dissolved urban livability, but we instead re assigned the two departments to other departments.

However we are looking at contracting ambulance with
county. Same with animal services. But at this time, all we are
looking for is a quote to see if there are any substantial savings.

Now the reason we are doing all of this… projects. The
mayors budget decreased capital from over 6 million last year to 2.9 this year. The majority of the council feels that citizens pay
property taxes for capital, not to allow the mayor to have a top heavy administration, staffed by family and friends, and do so on the back of these capital projects.

As we cut these 4 items, we have decided that the things that matter to us are

A flashing crossing arm on 400 east and the trax line where 2 people were killed last year 200k

Curb gutter and sidewalk on penny ave 500k

Street scraping the rock islands on Helm and Baird ave 200k

And 500,000 into street lightening on our darkest streets.

This is where the cuts are being re allocated to.

As we made these proposals last week, the mayor asked us to give her a few days to come up with other numbers. What SHE came back with was

cutting one police officer, (No thank you)

cutting her administrative budget 18,000 instead of the 300,000

Cutting code enforcement salaries 100,500 instead of the overall 93,000 we are proposing, not to mention Nuisance property abatement program 20,000 and 2,000 for graffiti mitigation and cutting the freedom festival 5,000. (Funny, on her Facebook page she says this was us…The last three items came from her.)

Seems she is bent on not taking out of her own budget, taking it back to a level still higher than it was at when she took office.

I would gladly forward you the emails showing what she has proposed. You can see what we proposed by watching as much of the last meeting as you can tolerate, as it was 5 hours long.

Huge Thank You for doing what Right for the Citizens of South Salt Lake City

Huge Thank You to Mark Kindred, Ben Pender, Debbie Snow, Shane Siwik, and Kevin Rapp. I support the City Council hiring their Attorney. Keep Up the Good Work Thank You for your Service.

Well, now the budget is coming to a head. Last night the city council overwhelmingly sent a message to the mayor that citizens pay property taxes to have capital improvement done in their community. In this tightest of budget years, the mayor proposed a reduction of capital by half over last year with no reduction in staff. We feel she is balancing this shortfall on the backs of the community’s curb, gutter, sidewalk…on the back of lighting up our dark streets, on the back of doing what citizens pay taxes for. However, she made no concessions in staff, no reduction, and in fact, she herself would have been part of was part a 3% raise to city employees. We changed all that last night.

Ben Pender has been critical of how may employees in the city have take home cars. He sought to curb that amount.

I pushed for increased street lighting.

Kevin sought for an official rfq from any interested agencies for Animal Services to see if there was a way to save money there.

Debbie supported the idea of dissolving Urban Livability and putting Code Enforcement under Economic Development while Animal Control would go under police. As well Code Enforcement would be reduced by 100,000 thereby bringing them in line with the same budget as animal services.

Mark Kindred proposed cutting the mayors administrative budget from 1.9 million dollars to 1.6 millions dollars.

As well, we agreed to defund the city newsletter and contract with the Valley Journals, thereby saving 40,000 a year, officially asked for an rfq for ambulance services and took elected officials out of the proposed raises.

It is refreshing to see that this council understands that the residents of this city pay taxes to see improvements. And when times get lean, as they are now, you don’t simply balance the budget on the backs of projects that can physically change the city just so you can maintain the same level of administration.

If you want to change a community, you have to change it physically. Sometimes you have to decrease overhead (overhead that has increased over the past few years) so that you can make those changes.