South Salt Lake facing $2.8 Million Dollar Deficit come 2016

Mayor Cherie Wood, Boyd Marshall and the rest of the City Council do not have any concern about how they Spend our Tax Dollars. Why did South Salt Lake Spent $7 Million Dollars to Buy Land on State Street? Why did South Salt Lake Spend $300,000.00 on Granite High?

How finally why did South Salt Lake Spend $5.000 Million on the StreetCar? The only thing Care is Ridership on Trax, FrontRunner and soon to be StreetCar. The more Ridership Helps UTA Executives Earn their Excessive Salaries and Bonuses at Taxpayers Expense. UTA has Destroyed the Bus System, the next Bus Route to be Cancel is Route 21, to try to Increase Ridership on the StreetCar.  Two and Half Years Ago UTA Cancel Route 203, not one of the Elected Official Stood Up for the Residents that needs Route 203. There one Residents that has to be to Trax on 2100 South by 5:00 AM, in order to go to Work, there many Elderly and Disabled Residents that used the Route 203.  I have Fighting for a better Bus System since 2007,  Catmeow UTA is a Sweatshop on Wheels

Come 2016 South Salt Lake is facing a $2.8 Million Dollar Deficit because of a Sale Tax Reapportionment throughout the State taking full Effect in 2016.  Mayor Cherie Wood, Boyd Marshall have no plan on how to Solve this without a Property Tax Increase.

South Salt Lake has no Elected Official that willing to Service the Residents. Time to bring the Community Together. Everyone has a Voice.  That why I am Voting for Derk Pehrson for Mayor, Kevin Rapp District 2, Debbie Snow for Council at Large and I Support Bill Hauser for District 3.



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